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Email Marketing Service for your business:  

Simply reaching your end user via an e-mail with a concise and clear message creating awareness of your products and services. In a highly competitive business environment e-mail marketing allows you to tap directly the prospective user. E-mail marketing helps you to reach your customer with your branding and logo with absolute low cost with adding value to your image whilst curtailing your cost involved in advertising your products and services. Attractive,rolex replica informative and responsive e – newsletters and e-flyers could take power packed messages to targeted audience that would eventually create many inquires and sales for your valuable products and services. E-mail marketing is one of the customized services of Access InfoTech Limited. This service enables an organization to reach its messages to our about 4,00,000 (Four Lac) e-mail clients of Bangladesh. E-mail marketing is popularly known as “Direct Marketing” globally.

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